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Beyond Meat is a Little Fishy

Update:¬†Company increased its proposed price range to $23-25/share. Tyson announces the sale of their investment in BYND. They are expected to bring their own competitive products to market. Bears say “tough competition,” Bulls say it “validates the market.” Beyond Meat (BYND) is marketing their IPO right now. This is a great story to tell and…

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Aramark IPO offers mediocre food at scale

Whirly lollipop on orange background.

Aramark (ARMK) is one of the biggest providers of outsourced cafeteria style services in education, prisons and businesses. A large number of cafeterias are still self-operated which in a world of rampant outsourcing appears to be low hanging fruit for long-term future growth. Despite some partnerships with chefs most of the food Aramark serves up…

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