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Lyft Looks Like a Hot Mess

There’s been plenty written about the Lyft IPO (NASDAQ: LYFT) scheduled to price Thursday after the close and open for trading on Friday. Most of the commentary has been about whether or not the Lyft has the ability to make money and if so, what the margins might be. We did include a valuation section…
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Super Elastic Bubble Plastic

The Elastic IPO (NYSE: ESTC) will price tonight. The price was bumped up to $33-35 but given the company position in software infrastructure the shares should still perform well from that level. We have our summary comments below but investors in this one will want to review the ESTC prospectus and read our transcript of…
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Ask the Monkey

The much-anticipated SurveyMonkey ($SVMK) IPO is scheduled for tonight. The proposed price range remains $9-11. For a relatively small deal (13.5M shares) there are a lot of banks on the cover – 11 in all with JPM, Allen, and BofA leading the charge. Online surveys are a niche market but SurveyMonkey has emerged as a…
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Can Bloom Energy Fix the Grid?

Back in 2006 Bloom Energy (NYSE: BE $14-16) made waves after Kleiner Perkins led a $104M Series D VC round in the company. (Bloom has raised over $825M in capital). Bloom was heavily criticised and discounted as some kind of perpetual motion machine. Fifteen years ago fuel cells seemed inefficient and too small scale to be thought…
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EverQuote or EverCrap?

Talk about marketing an IPO! The EverQuote ($EVER) IPO roadshow leaves you with the impression that this is a technology company that have made it easy for consumers to get insurance quotes in an online marketplace and buy coverage online. Their presentation is all about their large technology team and the incredible problem they have…
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The Astonishing Avalara

After filing for an IPO with a $19 to $21 range, Avalara ($AVLR) increased the range to $21 to $23 and then priced above-the-range last night at $24. It's not surprising because the story behind this enterprise cloud software company is a great one. It's "astonishing" because it comes in an area that's typically a…
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Stitch Fix has sown up a good clothing business.

Stitch Fix (SFIX) is a service that aims to upgrade your wardrobe right at home. They have embellished the story by talking about "using AI and data science" to make "the future of retail" for clothing. The company is offering 10 million shares at $18-20 with Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan leading the charge. At…
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Trivago Feels Scammy

We like to take a look back at an IPO like Trivago (TRVG) six months after pricing and they have a quarter or two under their belt as a public company. This is also the time that IPO share lockups come off and investors evaluate their positions. Trivago (TRVG) came public late in 2016 and…
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Time to buy Twilio

[UPDATE: May 4, 2017] So Twilio is losing a chunk of business from Uber, their largest single customer. It’s a blow and it will impact the next few quarters. The shares took a big hit which is to be expected. At this point however the investment thesis remains intact and the company continues to add new…
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