Here is our “cheat sheet” for the current week. Annual subscribers can download the slide decks for the active IPO transactions via our download page. The full archive is available at IPO Candy Pro.

CompanySymbolDescriptionTheme/SectorDeal NotesUnderwritersTradesInterest Level
DoubleVerifyDVDoubleVerify (DV) New York, NY
Offers a software platform that provides analytics for digital advertising.
TechnologyAnother analytics and digital advertising player but they are positioned a little differently in that they are targeting the issues of limited visibility that plagues the data used to measure these programs.Goldman, JPMWEDHigh
NeuroPaceNPCEMakes a brain-responsive neuromodulation system for drug-resistant epilepsy.HealthTech
Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is one of the therapies used in the brain. NeuroPace has an implant that reduces or eliminates seizures in people suffering from epilepsy.JPM, Morgan Stanley
UiPathPATHProvides software for robotic process automation.TechnologySoftware process automation platform coming with a huge valuation of $26B on $600M in revenue.Morgan Stanley, JPMWED
SkywaterSKYTUS-based semiconductor foundry offering engineering and fabrication services.TechnologySmall semiconductor foundry that makes some sense in the current context of wanting to reinvest in the US domestic production capacity.Jefferies, CowenWEDMedium
KnowBe4KNBEProvides enterprises with an employee cybersecurity training platform.TechnologyA "security awareness platform" to help organizations how to learn to prevent the very common "social engineering" attacks.Morgan Stanley, GoldmanTHURHigh
ZymergenZYDeveloping biomanufacturing technologies for materials and chemicals.Materials"Biofacturing" solutions using microbes and biomolecules to make things faster, cheaper, and more sustainably than traditional chemistry-based approaches.JPM, GoldmanTHURHigh
Agiliti AGTIProvides medical equipment management, rental, and maintenance services.Health CareMedical equipment management, rental, and maintenance company which may be well-positioned as home-based care increases. Bofa, GoldmanFRIMedium
Latham Group
SWIMLeading designer and manufacturer of in-ground residential swimming pools.Consumer Discretionary Another swimming pool company benefiting from the new home is castle trend.Barclays, BofaFRILow
Rain TherapeuticsRAINPhase 3-ready biotech developing in-licensed therapies for cancer.Health CareAnother cancer therapy developer. Goldman, CitiFRILow
TreaceTMCIMakes a medical device system for the treatment of bunions.Health CareHaven't seen any bunion plays before. JPM, Morgan StanleyFRILow