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CompanySymbolDescriptionTheme/SectorDeal NotesUnderwritersTradesInterest Level
SweetgreenSGOperates a chain of fast casual salad restaurants.Consumer DiscretionaryVery well run healthy fast casual chain. Goldman, JP MorganTHUHigh
UserTestingUSERProvides a video-first customer feedback platform for enterprises.TechnologyA unique view into your online experience from the customer point of view.Morgan Stanley, JP MorganWEDHigh
BrazeBRZEProvides a cross-channel customer engagement platform.TechnologySimilar Medallia which did well and bought out. Goldman, JP MorganWEDMedium
Sono GroupSEVGermany-based developer of solar powered vehicles.Consumer DiscretionaryUnusual company that could be a sleeper IPO.Berenberg, Craig-HallumWEDMedium
Iris EnergyIRENBitcoin miner primarily powered by renewable energyTechnologyThis market is already crowded. This one is in Australia.JP Morgan, CanaccordWEDLow
KinderCareKLCLargest private provider of early childhood education and care services in the US.Consumer DiscretionaryNot the company we want delivering these services.Barclays, Morgan StanleyTHUNone
Advanced Human ImagingAHIProvides software that measures human body dimensions using a smartphoneTechnologyMaximFRI
FinWise BancorpFINWUtah-based digital bank that offers loan and deposit services across the USFinancialsPiper Sandler, StephensFRI
Snow Lake ResourcesLITMCanadian producer of lithium batteriesMaterialsThinkEquityFRI
Austin GoldAUSTCanadian gold exploration company with four properties in Nevada.MaterialsGold appears to making a comeback after being eclipsed by BTC as as store of value. Gold miners don't make money.Roth CapThis weekNone
HertzHTZProvides vehicle rental services.IndustrialsLove this one as a recovery play. Not new news but business travel is returning. Goldman, JP MorganTUEMedium
Society PassSOPAAcquires and operates e-commerce platforms in South AsiaTechnologyTiny deal, NV company. MaximTUENone
ExpensifyEXFYProvides a cloud-based expense management software platform for SMBs.TechnologyGreat management team and story in SMB SaaS. JP Morgan, CitiWEDHigh
CI&TCINTBrazilian provider of outsourced IT development services.TechnologyThe sector has been very strong with EPAM and GDYN hitting new highs. Goldman, CitiWEDMedium
Rivian AutomotiveRIVNManufactures premium electric SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks.Consumer DiscretionaryEverybody wants to own this one. Morgan Stanley, GoldmanWEDHigh
Third Coast BankTCBXTexas commercial bank with 12 branches.FinancialsAt least Texas is a growth state. Stephens, Piper SandlerWEDLow
BackblazeBLZEProvides cloud storage for consumers and SMBs.TechnologyA simpler storage cloud solution for consumers and small companies. Oppenheimer, William BlairTHUMedium
Lulu'sLVLUOperates an online store for women's apparel and accessories. TechnologyThey are profitable but I don't see the moat. Goldman, BofATHULow
MynaricMYNAGerman maker of laser technologies for aerospace communications networks.IndustrialsInteresting technology, early stage, poor presentation. Could be a sleeper. Credit Suisse, JefferiesTHUMedium
VaxxinityVAXXPhase 2 biotech developing vaccine therapies for chronic diseases using synthetic peptides.Health CareThere are quite a few of these. BofA, JefferiesTHUMedium
Weave CommunicationsWEAVProvides a customer communication and engagement platform for SMBs. TechnologyFeels late to market but they do have vertical solutions that are an advantage. Goldman, BofATHUMedium
Journey MedicalDERMOwns a portfolio of acquired drugs marketed for skin conditions.Health CareCould be worth a look. Growing with decent gross margins. Low valuation. B. Riley, Roth CapFRIMedium
FlexEnergyFLXEMakes turbine systems and heat exchangers.IndustrialsNot sure this ever gets done. Why not withdraw and return later? Roth CapThis weekLow
LianBioLIANDeveloping in-licensed therapies for variety of indications in China.Health CareNot doing China-based biotech yet.Goldman, JefferiesTUELow
AllbirdsBIRDSustainable footwear brand sold direct to consumer.Consumer DiscretionaryI don't like the shoes but am going through the deal anyway. Morgan Stanley, JP MorganWEDMedium
Claros Mortgage TrustCMTGCommercial mortgage REIT focused on transitional commercial real estate assets.FinancialsToo dull. Morgan Stanley, JP MorganWEDNone
DelimobilDMOBLeading Russian car-sharing firm with a fleet of 18,000 vehicles.TechnologyYandex and other Russian deals have done okay. We'll see.BofA, CitiWEDMedium
ArhausARHSPremium home furnishings retailer with 75 locations across the US.Consumer DiscretionaryA smaller version of Restoration Hardware. Furniture for the rich.BofA, JefferiesTHUMedium
EvotecEVOProvides drug discovery solutions for pharmaceutical industry.Health CareWe do like discovery. Will see how it stacks up to SDGR.BofA, Morgan StanleyTHUMedium
MDxHealthMDXHBelgian provider of genomic testing products for prostate cancer.Health CareToo narrow but we will take a look. Piper Sandler, OppenheimerTHULow
Mainz BiomedMYNZCommercializing in vitro molecular tests for cancer screening.Health CareDoubtful given the size and underwriter. BousteadTHUMedium
NerdWalletNRDSProvides a personal finance app that promotes financial products.FinancialsReally a content company that wants to be FinTech. Morgan Stanley, KeyBancTHUMedium
CianCIANProvides a platform for online real estate listings and other services in Russia.Real EstateAnother Russian technology deal. Guess we need a group now. Morgan Stanley, GoldmanFRIMedium
Desert Peak MineralsDPMOwns and manages mineral and royalty interests in the Permian Basin.MaterialsA surge in the CRB has put deals like this back into the flow. Barclays, Credit SuisseFRILow
IO BiotechIOBTPhase 3-ready biotech developing immunotherapies for melanoma and other cancers.Health CareWe don't do cancer treatments. Morgan Stanley, JefferiesFRILow
Real Good FoodsRGFMakes low-carb high-protein packaged foods.Consumer StaplesProcessed comfort foods with higher protein and lower carbs. Jefferies, William BlairFRIMedium
KidpikPIKSells kids' clothing subscription boxes.TechnologyStitchFix (SFIX) for kids. EF HuttonThis weekNone
Nuvectis PharmaNVCTPhase 1- ready biotech developing in-licensed therapies for cancer.Health CareToo early and it's cancer.ThinkEquiteyThis weekNone
FlexEnergyFLXEMakes turbine systems and heat exchangers.IndustrialsI like industrial stuff but no growth or profits is not a good start.Roth CapThis weekLow
ArterisAIPDevelops and licenses interconnect IP for semiconductor SoCsTechnologySmall semiconductor IP company with $38M in sales and no growth. Not the future. Jefferies, CowenWEDLow
InformaticaINFAProvides an enterprise cloud data management platformTechnologyI've known this company for so long it's now a legacy business! Goldman, JP MorganWEDMedium
Rent the RunwayRENTRents designer apparel and accessories to women via monthly subscriptionsTechnologyIt's a nice story. I'm all for recycling and reducing what we throw away. But the numbers are ugly. Goldman, Morgan StanleyWEDMedium
Candela MedicalCDLAMakes energy-based medical devices for aesthetic proceduresHealthcareZoom has made some aesthetic procedures see more demand. Not sure about this one. BofA, GoldmanTHUMedium
Solo BrandsDTCSells branded fire pits, camp stoves and other outdoor gearConsumerI like my stove. They have diversified more broadly into our "outdoor consumer" theme.BofA, JP MorganTHUMedium
Ensemble Health PartnersENSBProvides health care revenue cycle management platformTechnologyMore healthcare revenue management. Profitable but boring. Goldman, BofATHUMedium
Fluence EnergyFLNCEnergy storage products and services provider formed by Siemens and AESIndustrialsThey don't tell the story well but I like their big ugly position in renewable energy. JP Morgan, Morgan StanleyTHUHigh
GlobalFoundriesGFSGlobal semiconductor designer and foundry based in USTechnologyFoundry capacity is in high demand. Could be a blip and these guys lack scale. Morgan Stanley, BofATHULow
LianBioLIANDeveloping in-licensed therapies for a variety of indications in ChinaHealthcareInteresting. Healthcare in China is going to be big. Tricky space. Goldman, JefferiesTHUMedium
AirSculpt TechnologiesAIRSProvides minimally-invasive body contouring procedures in the USHealthcareStrong story, scary procedure to me. Seems to work. Morgan Stanley, Pipe SandlerFRIMedium
HireRightHRTProvides tech-enabled background screening and identity verification servicesTechnologyWorkforces don't seem to be growing much. Seems dull. Credit Suisse, GoldmanFRIMedium
UdemyUDMYOnline education marketplace offering user-generated coursesTechnologyI have a note in draft but basically uninspiring, odd spot in the market. Morgan Stanley, JP MorganFRILow
Aura BiosciencesAURAPhase 2 biotech developing virus like drug conjugates for ocular and urologic solid turmorsHealthcareWe avoid solid tumor therapies but Leerink is an endorsement of the science. Cowen, SVB LeerinkFRILow
SonendoSONXMakes a medical device system less-invasive root canal therapyHealthcareI will take a look just in case I ever need a root canal. (probably not)BofA, GoldmanFRIMedium
Entrada TherapeuticsTRDAPreclinical biotech developing therapies for rare neuromuscular diseasesHealthcareToo early but sounds unique and interesting to me. Goldman, CowenFRIMedium
Stronghold Digital MiningSDIGBitcoin mining company powered by wholly-owed coal refuse power plantsTechnologyCoal refuse to BTC. An ESG dream come true?B. Riley, CowenWEDMedium
Vita CocoCOCOMakes Vita Coco coconut water and other ready-to-drink beveragesConsumerCould be a fan favorite. Smaller deal. $1B on $330M in revenue. Goldman, BofATHUMedium
EnfusionENFNProvides cloud-based investment management softwareTechnologyFinTech deals are doing well. 22x sales seems steep but they are very profitable.Morgan Stanley, GoldmanTHUHigh
Portillo'sPTLOFast casual restaurant chain known for its Chicago-style hot dogs.ConsumerOwning a piece of "The Dog House" should play well with retail investors.Jefferies, Morgan StanleyTHUMedium
P10 PXProvides private investment solutions to alternative asset managersFinancialsAlternative investments are growing. Already listed. Worth a look.Morgan Stanley, JP MorganTHUMedium
Ventyx BiosciencesVTYXPhase 1 biotech developing selective therapies for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.HealthcareA little too narrow and early stage for us.Jefferies, Evercore ISITHULow
WincWBEVProduces and distributes win in the USConsumerWine is a tough business to make money in. BofA, CanaccordTHUMedium
Aris Water SolutionsARISOperates a water pipeline for the oil and gas fracking industryEnergyHigher energy prices are reviving this sector. Investment appetite is back. Goldman, CitiFRIMedium
Minerva SurgicalUTRSMakes minimally invasive devices to treat abnormal uterine bleedingHealth CareSmall company serving the OB/GYN market. We will take a closer look. JP Morgan, Piper SandlerFRIMedium
Xilio TherapeuticsXLOPhase 1 biotech developing novel molecules to treat solid tumors.Health CareMight have promising technology but it's too early stage.Morgan Stanley, CowenFRIMedium
BiofronteraBFRISpinoff of Biofrontera AG's commercialized dermatology portfolioHealth CareSmaller deal, will wait and see how it looks post IPO. Roth Cap, BenchmarkThis week?Low
AvidXchangeAVDXProvides a billing and payments software platform to mid-market businesses.TechnologyAnother online billing and payments player. has been a home run. Goldman, JP MorganPricedMedium
GitLabGTLBProvides software development and collaboration tools for programmers.TechnologyA key player in the DevOps space that profited from MSFT buying GitHub. $11B+ cap. Goldman, JP MorganPricedHigh
IHS HoldingIHSAfrica's largest independent operator of telecom towersCommunication ServicesInvestors have grown to love this space (American Tower - AMT). $7B+ cap. Goldman, JP MorganPricedMedium
Lucid DiagnosticsLUCDMakes diagnostic tests for esophageal precancer and cancerHealth CareA spin-off. Cantor Fitz, CanaccordPricedLow
MarpaiMRAIManaged health plan platform for self-insured employersHealth CareGood space, very small deal. ThinkEquityPricedMedium
Paragon 28FNAMakes orthopedic implants and medical devices for the foot and ankle.Health CarePossible play on aging population. Break a leg guys! BofA, Piper SandlerPricedMedium
CingulateCINGPhase 3-ready biotech developing formulations of stimulant drugs for ADHDHealth CareThis space has been difficult. Their approach is simple though. Oppenheimer, LadenburgPostponed?Medium
iFIT Health & FitnessIFITSells connected home fitness equipment and monthly class subscriptionsConsumer DiscretionaryBig player in online fitness with $1.7B in LTM revenue. PLNT, PTONMorgan Stanley, BofAPostponedMedium