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CompanySymbolDescriptionTheme/SectorDeal NotesUnderwritersTradesInterest Level
SprinklrCXMProvides customer experience management software for enterprisesTechnologyThis is a key part of the new omnichannel focus for brands. Morgan Stanley, JP MorganWEDHigh
ConfluentCFLTProvides an enterprise platform that collects and processes real-time date streams.TechnologyWe've heard the story before. So far it's been hard to make it stick as a category.Morgan Stanley, JP MorganTHUMedium
Full Truck AllianceYMMDigital freight platform that connects shippers an truckers in ChinaTechnologyEveryone is excited about this $400M company. 38x Sales.Morgan Stanley, CICCTUELow
SoulgateSSRProvides the gamified social networking app Soul in ChinaTechnologyInteresting small but rapidly growing company. Could fit into our XR theme.Morgan Stanley, JefferiesTHUHigh
Monte Rosa TherapeuticsGLUEPreclinical biotech developing small molecule protein degraders for cancer and other diseases.Health CareJP Morgan, CowenTHU
DoximityDOCSProfessional network for physicians with telehealth and scheduling toolsTechnologyImpressive combination of technology and human-centered design for doctors. Morgan Stanley, GoldmanTHUHigh
Unicycive TherapeuticsUNCYEarly-stage biotech developing in-licensed therapies for kidney diseaseHealthcareKidney disease is a good niche but this one is too early stage.Roth Cap., EF HuttonThis WeekLow
First AdvantageFAProvides background checks and other services to corporate customersIndustrialsSeems like a commodity business. Reasonable valuation. Barclays, BofAWEDLow
Bright Health GroupBHGProvides health insurance and other healthcare services.FinancialsHealthcare insurance provider being offered at a major premium. JP Morgan, GoldmanTHUMedium
Miromatrix MedicalMIRODeveloping novel bioengineering technology for organ transplantsHealth CareTransplant rejection has been a persistent problem. Early stage.Craig-HallumThis WeekLow
Elevation OncologyELEVPhase 2 biotech developing targeted therapies for cancer in genomically-defined patientsHealth CareJP Morgan, CowenFRI
GH ResearchGHRSPhase 2 biotech developing DMT-based therapies for depressionHealth CareCowen, StifelFRI
Graphite BIOGRPHPhase 1/2-ready biotech developing gene editing therapies for sickle cell and other diseasesHealth CareMorgan Stanley, BofAFRI
Alpha TeknovaTKNOProvides reagents and other materials for biopharmaceutical R&D applicationsHealth CareCowen, William BlairFRI
Acurx PharmaceuticalsACXPPhase 2 biotech developing antibiotics for antibiotic-resistant pathogens.Health CareDrug-resistant bugs may be a bigger cause of death than cancer in the future. Alexander Capital, Network 1FRIMedium
Mister Car WashMCWLeading national car wash brand with 344 locations across the US.Consumer DiscretionaryAn opportunity to learn something about this business. BofA, Morgan StanleyFRIMedium
AMTD DigitalHKDDigital Financial services provider being spun out of AMTDTechnologyThis one is definitely an odd ball. They describe themselves as a "fusion reactor" for innovation. Worth a look. AMTD Global, Loop CapitalThis weekMedium
AiHuiShou InternationalREREChinese pre-owned consumer electronics transactions and services platformTechnologyRevenues are approaching $1B. Market cap about $3.5B.Goldman, BofAThis WeekLow
Unicysive TherapeuticsUNCYEarly-stage biotech developing in-licensed therapies for kidney disease.Health CareVery small deal. Wouldn't even look at it but because they are in the Kidney space will go over the approach.Roth Cap., Kingswood Cap. MktsThis WeekMedium
Convey Holding ParentCNVYProvides insurers with Medicare Advantage technology and admin servicesHealth CareThe timing isn't great here given the recent approval of the Alzheimer's drug. BofA, GoldmanWEDLow
Molecular PartnersMOLNSwiss biotech developing engineered protein therapies for Covid-19 and cancersHealth CareNeed to figure out what special sauce they bring. At least Leerink is on the cover. JP Morgan, SVB LeerinkWEDMedium
WalkMeWKMEAI-powered enterprise customer engagement and business insight platformTechnologyKind of a enterprise software scripting platform. Morgan Stanley, GoldmanWEDHigh
Angel Oak MortageAOMRMortgage REIT focused on non-qualified loansFinancialsSmaller deal for this space with a $500M market cap. Wells Fargo, BofATHULow
Lyell ImmunopharmaLYELPreclinical biotech developing T cell therapies for solid tumors.Health CareThere are so many of these but this one will have a $4.6B market value (!)Goldman, BofATHUMedium
ATAI Life Sciences ATAIBiotech platform focused on psychedelics disordersHealth CareAnother company working on non-traditional therapies. I think it's a promising area. Credit Suisse, CitiFRIHigh
Zhangmen EducationZMEChinese online after-school tutoring platformTechnologySmall deal at ~$40M with existing investors saying they will take 92% of the deal. (WTF?)Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse TUELow
MarquetaMQProvides an open API platform for card issuing and digital paymentsTechnology$1B offer for a company offering developers an API-driven way to build and run a credit/debit business.Goldman, JP MorganWEDHigh
1st DibsDIBSOnline marketplace for art, jewelry, antiques, and other luxury goods.TechnologyStill smallish at $90M in revenue growing just 16%. $775M market cap. Bofa, Barclays THUMedium
LifeStanceLFSTProvides outpatient mental health services.Health CareWe're pleased to see more companies helping to address the mental health crisis. $6B valuation, ~$500M revenue. Morgan Stanley, GoldmanTHUHigh
monday.comMNDYProvides a project management platform for businesses and schoolsTechnologyTrying to project themselves as an "OS" for the workplace. A bit of a stretch. Puts them more in competition with Microsoft, Google. Goldman, JP MorganTHUMedium
Zeta GlobalZETAOffers a sustomer data platform with automated marketing and advertising tools.
TechnologyMore "omnichannel" marketing automation. Medallia has done well. HubSpot is still in our model portfolio. Morgan Stanley, BofaTHUMedium
KanzhunBZLeading online recruitment platform in China.TechnologyHefty $8B valuation for this $400M in sales online recruiting platform. Goldman, Morgan StanleyFRIMedium
Janux TherapeuticsJANUXPreclinical biotech developing novel T cell engagers for solid tumors.Health CareJoins the parade of companies developing drugs for solid tumors.Bofa, CowenFRILow
TaskUSTASKProvides outsourced customer support and content review services to tech firms.TechnologyThis one feels a little 2005 to me but they are trying to leverage their positioning in areas like content moderation and rapid scale to seem different. Goldman, JP MorganFRILow
dLocalDLOProvides a cross-border payment processing platform for e-commerce.TechnologyAnother payment company targeting slightly harder use cases. $9B valuation on $150M in revenue is high but they are very profitable. JP Morgan, GoldmanTHUMedium
FlywireFLYWProvides payment processing software to education, healthcare, travel and B2B firms.TechnologyGoing after the harder use cases involving international payments. Adds an element of Avalara to the mix. Goldman, JP MorganWEDMedium
PaymentusPAYElectronic payment billing provider.TechnologyBilling software company. Feels like a crowded space. LTM sales are $320M up 30%. Proposed valuation is $2.4B. Profitable. Goldman, JP MorganWEDMedium
ZipRecruiterZIPOperates an online job marketplace.TechnologyDirect listing of the online job site at $25-ish puts the valuation at $3.2B on $430M in LTM revenue. Profitable. Goldman, JP MorganWEDMedium
Singular GenomicsOMICDeveloping genetic sequencing multiomics systems for biomedical research.Health CareGenetic sequencing technology. Can they catch the big boys? Pre-revenue. JP Morgan, GoldmanTHUMedium
Day One BiopharmaDAWNPhase 2 biotech developing treatments for pediatric glioma and other cancers.Health CareDeveloping a niche cancer therapy. All good but too many of these. JP Morgan, CowenTHULow
FIGSFIGSPremium medical scrubs and health care apparel brand.Consumer Discretionary People love these scrubs. They are like the Lululemon of medical attire. Goldman, Morgan StanleyTHUHigh
Centessa Pharmaceuticals CNTABiotech holding company carved out of Medixci Health CareKind of a biotech rollup. Provides plenty of "shots on goal." Morgan Stanley, GoldmanFRIMedium
Oatley GroupOTLYSwedish Vegan food company known for it's oat milk.Consumer StaplesCharming story about the story of oat milk.Morgan Stanley, JP MorganTHUMedium
Procore TechnologiesPCORProvides cloud-based construction management and collaboration software.TechnologyThe construction industry is begging for innovation. Coming slowdown might be a risk.Goldman, JP MorganTHUMedium
Global-E GLBEProvides a platform for cross-border e-commerceTechnologyProvides a platform for cross-border e-commerce. TTM revenues of $136M were up 100% and the company is profitable. $4B valuation (27x sales). Goldman
Morgan Stanley
SimilarwebSMWBProvides a freemium platform for website traffic analyticsTechnologyA website traffic analysis company. They have done some interesting things in terms of packaging their solutions around industries and common use cases. Makes it easier for a customer to get to value on the platform. They might be a little late to the party. TTM revenues are $102M up 32% with good GM but negative OM. $1.7B valuation seems high. JPMorgan, CitiWEDMedium
Enact HoldingsACTPrivate mortgage insurance company being spun out of Genworth FinancialFinancialsPrivate mortgage insurance company being spun out of Genworth Financial. It's tough timing with an expected slowdown coming in the mortgage business. But it's a $1B+ business with very high margins so coming cheap based on earnings. JP Morgan, GoldmanTHULow
hear.comHCGHearing care services provider being spun out of WS AudiologyHealth CareA bit of an odd duck. They have developed a business around the hearing aid industry which is fraught with fragmentation and dysfunction. It reminds me a bit of Livongo (LVGO now TDOC) in terms of thinking through and implementing a new technology-enabled way to really deliver a healthcare service. Revenues of just over 200M are growing close to 30%. $2B market value.Morgan Stanley, JP MorganFRIMedium
ZenviaZENVProvides a customer experience communications platform in Latin AmericaTechnology Provides a customer experience communications platform in Latin America. Interesting little company. It's kind of a hybrid between solutions (Medallia, HubSpot, Zendesk) and toolkits (Twilio, Agora) that can be used to address all the different customer service delivery scenarios. TTM revenues are $82M up 21% and the proposed valuation is $600M. Looks like growth can accelerate and profit margins expand sequentially for the next year or two. Goldman, Morgan StanleyFRIHigh
Vera TherapeuticsVERAPhase 2 b biotech developing fusion proteins for immunological diseases.Health CareDrug developer in Phase 2b targeting fusion proteins for immunological diseases.Jefferies, CowenFRILow
iPowerIPWOnline hydroponic equipment supplierIndustrialsAnother hydroponic equipment supplier benefiting from the growth in the cannabis industry. Their plan is to leverage social media to grow faster. Seems shaky. DA Davison
Roth Cap
Flora GrowthFLGCCanadian developer of low-cost cannabis products in ColombiaConsumer DiscretionarySmall deal ($15M) for a cannabis producer based in Canada and producing out of Colombia. Seems to have little in the way of operations or revenues. BousteadTUENone
Five StarFSBCCalifornia bank with seven branches and two loan production offices.FinancialsAs a regional bank it's not in our wheelhouse however it's a small float so might be worthy of look.KBW, Stephens
Honest CompanyHNSTNon-toxic lifestyle brand of baby, skin, and household products.Consumer StaplesBringing a new model to the staid CPG business. Will be a hit with ESG types. Morgan Stanley, JP MorganWED
Bowman ConsultingBWMNProvides engineering-focused professional services.IndustrialsSmall company with $140M market cap, slow growth. DA Davidson, B. Riley FBRTHULow
ValnevaVALNCommercial-stage French biotech developing vaccines for infectious diseases.HealthcareThis one has multiple shots on goal including a potential vaccine for Lyme disease. Goldman, JefferiesTHUMedium
Anebulo PharmaceuticalsANEBA clinical-stage biotechnology company developing novel solutions for people suffering from cannabinoid overdose and substance addictionHealthcareAddiction and overdose definitely big problems. Still in Phase 2 though. BenchmarkFRILow
iPowerIPWAn online hydroponic equipment suppliers in the United States.IndustrialsThis one is hoping to jump on the bandwagon for indoor farming. Strategy seems dubious. DA Davidson, Roth Cap
Onion GlobalOGOperates a cross-border e-commerce platform for lifestyle brands in China.TechnologyHard to parse this one. They claim to be at the intersection of brand development and social media. (China)AMTD Global, HuataiFRILow
Talaris TherapeuticsTALSPhase 3 biotech developing methods for allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.HealthcareInteresting biotech in the organ transplantation space. From Louisville Kentucky! Morgan Stanley, SVB LeerinkFRIMedium
Gyroscope Therapeutics HoldingsVISNUK-based Phase 2 biotech developing gene therapies for ocular diseases.HealthcarePretty slow progress so far on ocular diseases. Maybe these guys have something. Morgan Stanley, GoldmanFRIMedium
WaterdropWDHOperates a health insurance distribution and crowd-funding platform in China.FinancialsMedical insurance and crowd-funding platform in China. Will need to take a closer look at this one. Goldman (Asia), Morgan StanleyFRIMedium

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