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The IPO market provides a magical window into the most exciting technologies, emerging consumer trends and important business developments - all testing their mettle in the crucible of the public markets. We are constantly learning and researching to deliver the best insights available.

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We have no vested interests driving our work. All the investment banks and brokers on a deal are paid to do a sales and marketing job. Our job is to remain objective and use a fact-based approach to evaluate the potential for an IPO.

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IPO Candy has been recognized since 2009 as the single best place to get commentary, analysis and assets in the IPO market. The most common write-in comment we get from users is that they "love what we do."

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With three decades of research under our belt we want to share what we have learned and the best practices we have discovered. Our IPO University contains texts, videos and resources to share our process and help everyone develop their skills.