Trivago Feels Scammy

We like to take a look back at an IPO like Trivago (TRVG) six months after pricing and they have a quarter or two under their belt as a public company. This is also the time that IPO share lockups come off and investors evaluate their positions. Trivago (TRVG) came public late in 2016 and…

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The Goose Takes Wing

This week we have the IPO of Canada Goose (NYSE:GOOS). If you live in NYC or Boston you can’t help but notice that everyone seems to be wearing these parkas. How does a company that’s been around since 1957 suddenly make such an impression? Here are a few facts to know about the company and…

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Time to buy Twilio

[UPDATE: May 4, 2017] So Twilio is losing a chunk of business from Uber, their largest single customer. It’s a blow and it will impact the next few quarters. The shares took a big hit which is to be expected. At this point however the investment thesis remains intact and the company continues to add new…

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