The Persistence of Pinterest

Our online world has some stalwarts – like Amazon, Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. As Pinterest (PINS) debuts in the public markets, we wanted to take a look at what Pinterest really is and what it might become. As a user, I appreciate the visual discovery power of Pinterest. As a hobby, I build furniture and…

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Lyft Looks Like a Hot Mess

There’s been plenty written about the Lyft IPO (NASDAQ: LYFT) scheduled to price Thursday after the close and open for trading on Friday. Most of the commentary has been about whether or not the Lyft has the ability to make money and if so, what the margins might be. We did include a valuation section…

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Carvana wants to change how we buy used cars

The used car market is huge – around $700B (yes $B) and super fragmented. The top 100 players only control 7% of the market. It’s mainly structural – used cars have been sold more on a regional basis than nationally. Carvana (NASDAQ: CRVN) is offering an online direct-to-consumer model with they own inventory and a…

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