PagerDuty for On-Call Management

PagerDuty (NYSE:PD) is out marketing their IPO this week. They are doing a masterful job and positioning themselves as the new “brains” of the online world. You need to do that then you filing range is already at 13x revenues! It is a good story. Maybe not as good as a Twilio (TWLO) but if…

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Lyft Looks Like a Hot Mess

There’s been plenty written about the Lyft IPO (NASDAQ: LYFT) scheduled to price Thursday after the close and open for trading on Friday. Most of the commentary has been about whether or not the Lyft has the ability to make money and if so, what the margins might be. We did include a valuation section…

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Super Elastic Bubble Plastic

The Elastic IPO (NYSE: ESTC) will price tonight. The price was bumped up to $33-35 but given the company position in software infrastructure the shares should still perform well from that level. We have our summary comments below but investors in this one will want to review the ESTC prospectus and read our transcript of…

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