IPO Candy provides information, analysis, insight, and commentary on markets and companies in and around the IPO markets. We start with late-stage private (pre-IPO) and follow them after they begin their journey as a newly-public company.

We tend to look for themes and cover more growth-oriented areas like technology, medical technology and devices, internet and consumer names.

IPO Candy was founded during the "IPO Winter" in 2008/09. Rumors of the IPO market being "dead" are always exaggerated. Deals happen all the time in all markets - good or bad, slow or fast.

Since then the service has grown thanks to our expanding audience and generous subscribers. Our independent approach and general dislike for advertising means that you'll never see it here.

Today we review every IPO and have a small dedicated staff working on content, analysis, investing and new products and services. Here at IPO Candy you'll find what you need about the current IPO calendar and the companies in play.

For professionals who want access to the archives of roadshows and deal information we have a dedicated site called IPO Candy Pro.

Finally the explosion of SPAC-based IPO deals have spurred us to launch a new site dedicated to those. We've recently seen some amazing deals with Virgin Galactic (SPCE), DraftKings (DKNG) and Nikola (NKLA).  You can discover more about that world here: SPAC IPO Advisory.

We are considered a publisher - not an investment bank, broker dealer nor registered investment adviser. We also have disclaimers and terms and conditions which should be referred to for more information.

Our business model is purely subscription - no advertising. IPO Candy is aimed at the broad population of people with an interest in growth, new companies and the IPO market.

Or "official" headquarters is just outside Boston in Belmont, Massachusetts but our virtual team is located in Kentucky, Texas, and India.


Our Team

Kris Tuttle headshot

Kris Tuttle

Kris Tuttle has been in technology since 1979 and an active equity analyst since 1984. After a career at IBM he went to Wall Street and became a widely-recognized technology analyst and then a Director of Research at SoundView and Adams Harkness before leaving to start his own firm in 2005.

 Debarshi Ghosh

Debarshi  Ghosh works from India and has an MBA degree. He is a master at managing data that involves large data integration, analysis, and quality assurance.  He is top-notch in his experience and provides clients of IPO Candy the best of the best.
Deborah Wallis headshot

Deborah Wallis

Master of Transcriptions
Deborah Wallis is our master of roadshow transcriptions. She cuts through heavy accents, multiple speakers and industry jargon like a hot knife through butter and produces our top-quality presentation transcripts.

Kitty Holmquist

Executive Assistant
Kitty Holmquist is an avid technology enthusiast. She loves learning and is organizer extraordinaire.  With degrees in teaching English and history, she brings her talents to IPO Candy where she hopes to streamline, automate routine tasks, and delve deeper into the stock market.
Smart Dog


Support Staff
Cody personally curates and produces our sector research on the pet industry - he is very long Chewy (CHWY). Cody can't eat bacon and steak anymore but his ultimate joy is when you sign up for IPO Candy!