IPO Candy provides deeper information, analysis, insight and commentary on markets and companies in and around the IPO stage. So some are private (pre-IPO) while many (over 1000 in our universe) are recently-public. The company is run with a small team of professionals and a very smart dog.

IPO Candy was founded years ago after the market crash and "IPO Winter" in 2008/09. Our founder, Kris Tuttle, has been in equity research since 1993 and is best known for his work at SoundView Technology Group where he also became Director of Research. Before that Kris had a career in technology (from 1981 to 1992) rooted in AI and advanced software at Carnegie Mellon University and IBM.

Some of the products we produce include profiles of current IPO companies, analysis of forgotten "Broken Candy" IPOs that may represent new opportunities, stock event alerts like pending coverage and lockup expiration to help you understand short-term stock movements.

We are also building educational content inside our "IPO University" to help improve awareness and understanding of how the IPO market works, what to look for in IPO transactions, methods of analysis and valuation and other tools people can use to be more effective in IPO investing.

We are considered a publisher - not an investment bank, broker dealer nor registered investment adviser. We also have disclaimers and terms and conditions which should be referred to for more information.

Our business model is purely subscription - no advertising. IPO Candy is aimed at the broad population of people with an interest in growth, new companies and the IPO market. We are launching a new service called IPO IQ which is a unique feature-rich platform for professionals.


Our Team

Kris Tuttle headshot

Kris Tuttle

Candyman - in - Chief
Kris Tuttle (also known as The Candyman) is using decades of experience in research and investment analysis to produce new ways of collecting, organizing, evaluating and presenting information about emerging companies and investment opportunities. His job is to make all the pieces work together and generate awesome results.
Deborah Wallis headshot

Deborah Wallis

Master of Transcriptions
Deborah Wallis is our master of roadshow transcriptions. She cuts through heavy accents, multiple speakers and industry jargon like a hot knife through butter and produces our top-quality presentation transcripts.
Sara Saindon headshot

Sarah Saindon

Content Tsarina
Sarah takes each piece of content and makes sure it gets to the right places and bridges the gaps between all the different systems and services. If you're a member you're getting regular updates from her with roadshows, transcripts and analysis. She also helps keep our customers happy when they need a little extra help using our service.
Smart Dog


Support Staff
Cody spends the bulk of his time on IPO Candy and personally curates and produces our sector focus research on the pet industry. He is a very smart dog. Cody loves bacon and steak but his ultimate joy is when you sign up for IPO Candy!