Smart Guy (not me) Market Consensus: Extra volatility this week as we await Q3 earnings reports. Estimates have been trending down and the market expects upside. The big question is how much did consumers pause in August and how supply-chain factors dampened sales due to lack of stock and crimped margins due to higher prices.

Last Week: Six deals priced and all are up from their IPO price led by direct listings Amplitude (AMPL +56%) and Warby Parker (WRBY +36%).

New Notes: we recently published these notes: Amplitude – Digital Product Management, Eyeballing Warby Parker, An odd little bank that could double (VBNK) and Olaplex is shampoo money.

This Week: Eight are on tap and you can see them all via the link below. I haven’t been through them all yet but I’m interested 1) in seeing how iFIT (IFIT) and Life Time (LTH) are positioned in the increasingly crowded home fitness market and 2) looking at Cingulate (CING) as a very small “sleeper” deal.

Our Current IPOs sheet is updated every Monday (free) and has a link to the roadshow downloads (for annual subscribers.)

Pipeline: GitLab (GTLB) is already marketing for next week. GlobalFoundries (GFS) filed for a $2B IPO and EV player Rivian (RIVN) has filed for a $6B deal. Informatica (INFA) also filed and I’m curious to look at that one and see how they fit into the cloud data space.

Admin Stuff: The transition to a much better content management and delivery platform is going well. I am really excited to be able to see a day when everyone can get very tailored content from us automatically is something I have always wanted to be able to do. Finally, off-the-shelf technology enables it now.

Parting Thoughts: This is a good time to dig in and adjust portfolios. I acknowledge the choppiness but don’t see enough reasons to flee the market. Research, stock selection, and risk management are key. I will be updating our model and real-money portfolios in October to position them for YE 2021 and into 2022.

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