Today we are rolling out the first of our Model Portfolios. If you want to jump right to the page on the website with all the details go here: Named Candy.

Here is some more info:

1. The first portfolio, Named Candy, is what you might think of as “core” names. They are leaders in the IPO market. We’re rolling that out today despite the fact that current valuations are high. But we are keeping 40% in “cash” so that we can take advantage of better prices when we see them. We will be adding names over the course of the next month until it becomes close to fully invested. You will be able to elect whether or not to receive updates.

2. As we tweak our system we’ll be adding other more focused portfolios to the mix. They might be thematic or structural. For example, we will introduce a “Broken Candy” model that focuses on high-quality IPOs that had some missteps and are now off the radar. Also high on the list is one that invests in SPACs after they have made their acquisitions and become real public operating companies.

3. This should be considered a bit of a work-in-progress over the next 30 days. It should all be running smoothly by March with multiple portfolios, opt-in alerts, and any other important subscriber features.

4. When we launch our new website in March the Model Portfolios will be on the “members only” side of the site and will require a subscription. For now, they are open so we can get feedback and have them ready for prime-time then.

We’re excited to have the model portfolios as a way to better navigate the IPO space. With over 1200 active companies our database is too large to digest for most people. By providing more thematic coverage with links to our more detailed notes and models it should be much easier to take advantage of the newly-public company space!

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