Happy New Year to everyone out there in candyland!

We are in the midst of a big changeover to make our content much easier to access. Please pardon us if you have some trouble with the site this week. Everything should be squared away by the end of the week and our process is to leave things open access while we are changing over so nobody gets blocked.

Going forward most material on the site will just be at most two clicks away. This should be a great improvement.

Instead of going through a listing of available roadshows, transcripts and research before clicking through to the archive you go directly there now. However only logged in subscribers will be able to download the PDF files. This keeps it pretty simple and makes all the public content pretty much WYSIWYG.

By the end of this week will also be all caught up with uploading the roadshows from December. Even though many were pulled in mid-month we got most captured.

Next week the fun should be starting again and we’d expect to see 10-15 deals in various stages of marketing and pricing by the end of January.

There will be some changes coming to our email as well but they should be consistent with the website changes.

Finally we are putting together a special year-end Candygram that will be published next week.

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