Groupon is on the road right now. We’ve written plenty (see Groupon Regrouping) along with many others on the topic. It’s a controversial deal and will be the first really big test for the IPO market in terms of tolerance for risk.

We’re doing a pre-IPO research note which should be ready to go out by Friday. The hardest part is valuation given how quickly the company is growing and the lack of a stable long-term model. That said we will have a fairly good range to work from based on a number of comparable businesses.

Our transcript of the roadshow and slide archive will also be available.

It’s expected that Zynga will follow on the heels of Groupon in November if the markets continue to be encouraging. In the end 2011 will have been a solid year for the IPO market with only a two month hiatus from mid-August (Tudou & Carbonite) to mid-October (Ubiquiti & ZELTIQ.)

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