Now you can leverage our research directly with our pre-made portfolio published at Folio Investing

We have been waiting for years for a way to let our subscribers follow our thinking.   Since IPO Candy is not a broker-dealer or investment advisor, we publish our IPO portfolio at Folio Investing, a registered broker-dealer, where individuals and institutions can invest in the IPO Candy portfolio using their online brokerage platform.

Some of the Folio Investing advantages:

  • Simple way to invest in a select list of growth stocks that have recently listed their equity.
  • Dramatically lower costs – one low fixed fee of $29/month or $290/year provides unlimited commission-free trading for all of your accounts, using patented window trading technology. (This is a huge advantage.)
  • The IPO Candy portfolio will be reviewed by IPO Candy periodically, and you can chose to follow published updates.
  • Folio Investing also offers a range of other investments and pre-made portfolios at their fractional share online brokerage

To learn more and open an account to invest in the IPO Candy Folio, click on this link and find the IPO Candy Folio on the Ready-To-Go Folios tab in the Strategy Section.

[Disclosure: We receive a one-time referral fee for new accounts but has no ongoing fee for our research and portfolio management services.  In addition the principals of IPO Candy will have a personal investment in the Folio.]

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