After a one or two year hiatus, a robust IPO market is back in action. The supply of new issues has been limited for some time now and there is some pent up demand from investors for new names.  This provides a better foundation for a robust IPO market. The success of concept IPO A123 Systems helped signal a new phase of excitement around public stock offerings.  (Research 2.0 has a post-IPO report on A123 available via this link.) Since then dozens of companies have come public or filed to do so soon if market conditions permit. Now it’s time to start analyzing these companies for performance and provide more research and commentary on the market. We will also provide links to other research and resources for IPO investors that exist on other platforms.  For example, SharesPost is an exchange for private company equity and some of the companies, like Tesla, have filed for an IPO.  So, for example, anyone can get the report via this link if they sign up for a free account there. Like a sampler box of chocolates, we know that some IPO names are delicious chocolate-covered hazelnut toffee and others are filled with a disappointing creme that tastes like toothpaste. There will be some news and analysis on this blog (subscribe via RSS or email as you like), but we’ll be sending more in-depth research, company monitoring, valuation and and alerts to our email subscribers. The paid email subscription is intended for active participants in the IPO markets.

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