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CrowdStrike Continues the Software Winning Streak

It's been a hot market for "New Enterprise SaaS" companies and CrowdStrike (CRWD) has added fuel to the fire by pricing their IPO last night ...
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Revolve Group Spins the Fashion World

Revolve (NYSE: RVLV) describe themselves as an "on-line, on-trend fashion company" but they are really more of a technology-focused marketing and distribution channel in the ...
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They Highly Caffeinated Luckin Coffee

Luckin Coffee (NASDAQ: LK) aims to be "the number 1 coffee company in China" and their staggering growth suggests they will get there. But will ...
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Our slide decks and transcripts are invaluable during the marketing phase of an IPO. Then our ongoing analysis takes over to help investors make post-IPO decisions.

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Information on upcoming IPO transactions is scattered and difficult to keep up with. Our team collects it and makes it easy for you to access with a few clicks. Slide decks and SEC filings are provided and sometimes full roadshow transcript for companies we are following closely. 

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